July 29, 2021


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10 Ingenious Ideas to Enhance Your Indoor Home Lighting

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10 Ingenious Ideas to Enhance Your Indoor Home Lighting

10 Ingenious Ideas to Enhance Your Indoor Home Lighting

Light, whether it comes from a natural or artificial source, leaves a greater impact on the feel, look, and function of a home. When it comes to indoor lighting, most people take it wrong, especially in the selection of lights, light fixtures, and large ones, the daylight. Here are how you can enhance your indoor home lighting:

1. Select a lighting focal point

In your way to improve lighting in your home, it is not essential for you to get all the fixtures – lamps, chandeliers, or sconces – of the same size. If you get all of them of the same size, eyes will find nothing special while looking for visual clarity. For creating a lighting focal point, you should hang a chandelier in a living room or dining hall. Never hesitate to assemble a wooden floor lamp in a small room, such as your study room. 

2. Value the scale while choosing light fixtures 

Light shouldn’t overcome a room or it shouldn’t lose its impact. The scale matters a lot when you choose light fixtures for a room in your home. Usually, the width and the length of a room in feet should be equivalent to the diameter of the chandelier in inches. For instance, you should buy a fixture of 10 inches if your room is 5×5. 

3. Select the right bulb 

For the proper lighting in a room in your home, the selection of a bulb plays a key role. In your purchase, you can come across electric bulbs in several different shapes, sizes, numbers (watts), and letters (for example, e or s). Whatever the bulb you select and buy, it must be in accordance with your space requirements. As far as possible, avoid using standard bulbs and opt for CFL and LED, or Smart bulbs to light the spaces well in your home.  

4. Opt for installing wall, table, and floor lights 

Sometimes, ceiling lights are not enough, especially when you want to read a book in your living room or find something on the floor. In such a case, you can place a tripod floor lamp, or a table lamp to improve the light in a room. 

5. Focus on layering lighting to have a balanced effect 

Layers have their own importance when it comes to lighting a room. To have the best lighting balance, you should aim to have more than one light source in a room. Lower the bulb wattage and light fixture size if you are lighting a small room. On the other hand, increase the bulb power and light fixture size if you are lighting your dining hall or big living room. 

6. Light the stairs and dark corners 

Walking in the dark in your home can be dangerous for you. While walking, you may fall down and get injured. While enhancing indoor home lighting, you should have a close look at all the areas such as staircase, corners, and hallway to find the space, which require more lights or bulb replacements. 

7. Get a light control app 

In the contemporary world, technology has enabled us to control whatever we have in our home. With the use of a mobile application, you can control the entire lighting system of your home. With this app, you can turn on or off the light of a room without moving from your place. Further, you can control window treatment to allow or obstruct natural light during the daytime. 

8. Upgrade your light bulbs 

Like other objects, light bulbs become less productive and offer low light after a long usage. You should work to replace the old bulb with a new one if you find a bulb is not providing enough light in a space at your home. If possible, try to change all the bulbs with smart bulbs if they are standard or CFL one. 

9. Keep doors and windows open 

Apart from artificial lighting, you should focus on bringing natural light into your home during the daytime. For this, you can keep the doors and windows open. The opened windows will allow natural light to come inside and help you save money on energy billing.   

10. Hang a mirror for light reflection 

Hanging a decorative wall mirror can work wonder to get enough light in a room. While hanging it, you should choose the place on your room wall that gets sunlight or natural light in the day. With the right installation, you will be successful to get the natural light reflected in other parts of your room. 


Home light enhancement depends on a lot of factors such as the selection of light fixtures, electric bulbs, and right assembly of lighting items. The ideas mentioned above can help you to enhance your indoor home lighting artificially and naturally. By using your creative mind, you can apply other ideas to brighten up your home.     

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